Istanbul Map
Istanbul is Turkey's largest city and has a long history dating back to the Greeks when it was called Byzantium. It eventually was called Constantinople, under the rule of Constantine of the East Roman empire. It was finally named Istanbul under the Ottomans. It straddles the Bosphorus river linking Europe with Asia and was on the Silk-road trading route. Capital of both the Eastern Roman empire and Ottoman empire the city boasts a wealth of architecture from its long history.
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The Blue Mosque
as seen from the courtyard of the Hagia Sophia
Inside the Blue Mosque the interior is covered by thousands of decorated ceramic tiles. The obligatory vacuum cleaner is part of the daily ritual.
The Topaki Palace
The main gates hollow trees in the courtyard
view of the Bosphorus
model of the palace complex
Hagia Sophia
The Grand Bazaar
Serious wiring problems
The Roman Cistern
The Ottomans didn't know about the Roman Cistern that lay under the city. It was believed to have been made with recycled monuments, hence the Meduca heads.
Bospherus cruise
Dolmabahce Palace
Fortress of Europe
built by Mehmet the Conqueror for the conquest of Constantanople Fortress of Asia
Leanders tower Beylerbeyi Palace
Around Istanbul
The Turkish flag is everywhere View from the waterfront at Ortakoy View of the Bosphorus from the Conroy Hotel
Mosque of Dolmahce Modern symbol of Istanbul