Goreme open air museum map
Cappadocia is a region in central Turkey that has rock formations formed naturally over thousands of years by erosion. Caves were carved into the rock formations by Christian monks fleeing persecution. Over hundreds of years whole communities formed leaving their dwellings carved into the landscape.
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Left: Me at Goreme. Right the rock structure called the Camel
Only one of the above images is the Smurf Village. I think its the one on the right.. oh hang on no wait...
These magic carpets could fly away with your dollars.
Underground city of Kaymakli
Goreme open air museum. The structures up high looked to be still in use or at least being visited by locals
Left is the Nunnery. Of the cave churches, the Dark Church to the right, included the the early geometric design in red paint (St. Barbara church was similar simple design). Later churches (eg Snake, Apple and Tokali) featured more colourful iconistic Byzantine designs
belly dance entertainment
That night we were entertained by folk and belly dancers.
The whirling was awesome. They can whirl for 45 minutes without getting dizzy. After four beers I couldn't say the same!
Avanos ceramics factory. This example was of Hittite design

Our Tour bus