May 2016 trip to Italy

After my 2011 trip to Italy I deciding to go back and concentrate on certain parts of Italy, particularly Tuscany and Umbria which I had really enjoyed before. I booked had selected Insight's 16 day Country Roads of Italy tour and Globus' 8 day Gems of Umbria and Tuscany back in 2011 and made my bookings in 2015. Unfortunately due to a downturn in tourism the Insight tour didn't have the numbers and was cancelled. I managed to get a place on Insight's 12 day "Italian Elegance" tour instead.

Additional to these two tours I had 5 days independent travel which I had based in Bari and due to the new shorter tour I had another 5 days in Northern Italy based in Bologna. This website details my trip around Italy and includes a travel log detailing the itinerary and my pictures from the trip. To navigate the site select the location from the image map below or select the label 'Travel Log' in the left for the day by day itinerary of my travels.