Volterra is another medieval hill top town situated in the heart of Tuscany. Unfortunately some of its recent popularity has been due to the New Moon movie being filmed there.

Read more on the (Wiki link) and for more great photos I would recommend a google image search on Volterra.


Town Map
I spent two nights in Volterra experiencing life in the hill top town and getting lots of photos of the town's medieval sites.
Central gates to the city walls. Steep narrow cobbled streets.
The view of the valley over the walls. Beside San Fillipo.
San Fillipo.
The Baptistery. The Duomo.
Entering the Piazza dei Priori
Palazzo dei Priori
A very short alleyway - maybe just 4.5 feet tall?
The turreted city gates at Fortezza Medicea.
The Fortezza Medicea by day.
The church at the junction of Piazza Settembre.
Palazzo dei Priori by day. The view across the Piazza dei Priori again.
The Duomo again.
The gates at Porta Florentina. Porta Florentina from the inside.
Sant Alessandre church just outside the central gate. The bells at the back of Sant Alessandre. These motorcycle trucks were common in these hill top towns.
The Duomo is better weather. The roof tops of the baptistery and Duomo looming over the town.
Looking out from the town to the valley below.
The Bishops Palace in the Piazza.
Stormy skys over the Piazza dei Priori.
Souvenir shop... Hhmmm chess sets!!
Steep streets. Foreboding skies over Sant Alessandre's bell tower.
The rain setting in across the valley. Looking across the valley earlier that day.