Venice was the result of Roman colonies fleeing the Hun invaders and setting up in the Lagoon. Over the years Venice prospered with trade. It evolved into the Venetian empire to protect its trading interests and the the lion of St Mark can therefore be seen on various fortifications around the Mediterranean today.

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Town Map
The tour took us to Venice on the 7th and 8th of May 2011. Unfortunately the Pope also decided to visit Venice at that time and the ensuing security managed to close down much of St Marks Square and restrict our movements some.
We cross the bridge to Venice. We stayed in Venice on the Grand Canal! We head off down the Grand Canal from Scalzi bridge towards St Marks Square.
We board the boats, armed with audio head sets and bellini. San Geremia
The facade of the San Marcuola was never completed. Fondaco dei Turchi is the Natural History Museum. Ca' Vendramin Calergi is currently used as the Venice Casino and the Wagner Museum.
San Stae Ca Pesaro is a modern art and oriental museum. Moorish influenced window arches.
Ca' d'Oro (Palazzo Santa Sofia) has the typical Venetian blend of eastern and western architecture. The fish market takes place in the Pescheria.
The Rialto Bridge.
Palazzo Grimani di San Luca The Palazzo Morosini
I think we are being followed. Three boats, weaving the traffic. blah blah "the Italian job" blah blah. Palazzo Balbi
Ca Foscari
Ca' Rezzonico Palazzo Loredan
Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti beside the light coloured Palazzi Barbaro
Palazzo Contarini del Zaffo
Some buildings used to be decorated with paintings, few are today.
Santa Maria Della Salute church was built to commemorate the end of the plague of 1630. Police boats intercept us before we make it to St Marks Square. Security for the Popes visit had closed many things down.
With space being a premium, it is very rare to have room for a garden.
The bridge from the Piazzale Roma parking area. Immediately on our return we change vehicles in case we were followed.
Picture postcard Venice.
We duck down a side ally... I think we're still being followed!
Here are a few of me on the canals of Venice. Just look into the camera. You are a getting sleepy. You are a smurf.
It is interesting just how much of a gondola is actually in the water. View of the Grand Canal from the Scalzi bridge.
San Giacomo Di Rialto at night. View from the Rialto bridge at night.
Rialto bridge from the San Polo side (left facing San Marco). and again from the San Marco side.
San Bartolomeo
Basilica of St Marks with Papal flag for Popes visit. St Marks Square with Papal flags. Doges Palace.
San Giacomo Dell Orio at night
San Giacomo Dell Orio in the day from another side.
San Giacomo Di Rialto looking on to the Rialto bridge. The Bridge.
The Grand Canal, looking from the Rialto Bridge. The bridge from San Marco (left side if not facing San Marco) The bridge from San Polo (right side facing San Marco)
San Maria G Dei Frari
San Giorgio Maggiore
Approaching St Marks Square after visiting the island of Murano.
The Bridge of Signs with advertising banners all around it :(
Doges Palace.
The Bell tower.
Pigeons and tourists both flocking around St Marks Square.
Me in front of Basilica. Replica's of the famous bronze horses stollen from Constantinople in the fourth Crusade (They originally came from Greece). Me in St Marks Square.
Gondolas behind St Marks Square.
I tell you; I see them everywhere!
That night I crossed the other side of the canal for my walk.
The church of Santa Maria di Nazareth or church of the Scalzi across from our hotel. Me and my mate Bene. On tour in Venice May 7th and 8th 2011.
Natasha Me and Katherine on a Gondola on the Grand Canal. Me on a Gondola by the Scalzi bridge, near our hotel on the Grand Canal. Me again same place, near same bridge, on same canal.