During my time travelling independently I visited a number of medieval hill top towns in Tuscany. Sorano and Pitigliano were two of these.

Read more on the (Sorano Wiki link) and (Pitigliano Wiki link). I also recommend doing a google image search on these two locations. They are stunning!


I stayed in Orsini Castle in Sorano. They called the hotel the Hotel Dela Fortezza. Enroute I visited the picturesque town of Pitigliano to admire the buildings and take a look around.
Orsini Castle... My hotel! The Hotel lobby entrance. Through the first entrance and on to the next...
When they said drop my bags off... did they mean over there?
Looking through the entrance back to the first entrance. That having an uneven dirt floor, it was 'S' shape bend and a hill. Any horsemen could not charge through.
View of the valley from my window. My room
Manic laughter could be heard echoing through the hills... Apparently the local celebrity is a real muppet!
The first entrance had what was either sparrows or bats in residence! The second entrance at night. The castle walls from my window.
From my window I see the Sun raising to burn off the morning mist. View from the hall window