One of the highlights of Tuscany was a visit to the beautiful medieval hill top town of Siena.

Read more on the(Wiki link) and for more great photos I would recommend a google image search on Siena.


Town Map
Siena has clung on to its medieval districts called contrade. The contrade are 17 areas of localised patriotism, held together a sense of civic pride of the residents. Each contrade named after an animal or symbol and each with its own long history and complicated set of heraldic and semi-mythological associations. Twice a year 10 of the 17 contrade engage in a horse race around the Campo called the Palio. The historical section of Siena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The local specialty in Siena is a fruity nut cake called Panforte.
The City walls.
The Church of San Domenico houses Saint Catherine's head!. A tree jumped out and stoll the shot just as I clicked the camera.
I don't photograph enough trees! Hill top towns often have narrow steep streets.
Struck by the Palazzo Pubblico as we enter the Piazza del Campo. The Palazzo Pubblico (Town hall). The Duomo.
Looking from the Palazzo Pubblico to the buildings on the right of the entrance. Looking across the Piazza del Campo to the left side of the entrance. The courtyard of the Palazzo Pubblico and looking up.
It rained when I was here last buying my Panforte. Here I am standing in the Campo eating a gelato in the rain again!