The events of 79AD are well documented in History and that day both Pompeii and Herculaneum were wiped off the map. Today both sites are largely excavated and I was able to visit both of them during my time in Italy.

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Pompeii Map and Herculaneum Map
Mount Vesuvius The arena.
Affluent peoples houses had internal gardens.
A typical street in Pompeii.
A shop front with storage jars inset into the counter.
Wall decorations, maybe advertising?
Coloured walls and a hole in the roof for light.
The amphitheatre.
Gladiators Barracks.
wheel marks worn in the stone from Roman vehicles. The House of the Baker.
Entering the Forum.
Looking down the Forum.
The Basilica.
The right side of the Temple of Apollo. The Temple of Apollo itself. and again
looking from left across to the right. Down the Forum we have the Temple of Jupiter. And to the left is the Granary housing plaster casts of victims, pottery and statues.
A plaster cast of a human victim. and one of a dog chained up unable to escape.
Vesuvius through the Arch at the Temple of Jupiter.
Looking down the forum at Vesuvius.
The Basilica again. Me at Pompeii with Vesuvius and Temple of Jupiter in the background. Looking up the Forum back to the administration buildings.
The Macellum.
A covered corner of the Macellum housed some wall paintings and more victims. Arch on the right side of the temple of Jupiter. The administration buildings at the end of the forum.
The temple Aedes Genii Augusti.
The famous Alexander the Great Mosaic in the house of the Faun. and the statue of the dancing faun.
A speed bump designed to prevent customised chariots with lowered suspensions.
The Brothel. Roman water pipes made of lead.


Terrace of M. Nonius Balbus
House of the Inn.
The House of the Mosaic Atrium The House of the Opus Craticium - named after its construction materials and method.
House of the wooden partitian again and more
House of the wooden partitian A shop with a storage jar set into its marble counter.
House of the Great Portal
and again
Central Thermae
The Men's Baths in the Central Thermae. The floor of the men's baths.
College of the Augustales. The open building front and jars in the counter indicate this is another shop.
The House of the Black Hall and again
The corner of the Basilica House of the Beautiful Courtyard House of the Neptune Mosaic
and again with jars. The Samnite House
Samnite House
Another shop. The Pistrinum with its bakers ovens.
House of the Corinthian Atrium
House of the relief of Telephus
House of the Deer.
Terrace of M. Nonius Balbus
College of the Augustales again.