Our time in Umbria featured a visit to the stunning medieval hill top town of Assisi.

Read more on the(Wiki link) and for more great photos I would recommend a google image search on Assisi.


Town Map
The town is largely built using a pink granite stone quarried locally. Famous for Saint Francis of Assisi the town features two main Basilica's and two castles. It is little wonder that UNESCO has designated the major monuments and urban fabric of Assisi as a World Heritage Site.

The whole town is potty on arches as seen in the images below.
The gate at the entry to the city walls.
Basilica of St Clare with its massive lateral buttresses.
A medieval house extension. As long as it doesn't block donkey traffic and it has an arch know one will notice!
Look a rectangular door... ... with an arch over it!
A hole joining two roads.. no worries, stick an arch over it and it'll just blend in.
Assisi is also dominated by the hill top castle Rocca Maggiore.
The view of the town from in front of the castle.
The Piazza Del Comune. A Roman temple in the piazza survives due to being converted to a Catholic Church.
Always more room for another arch, even if we don't have a use for it!
Basilica of St Francis of Assisi.