We visited Leonidas' monument in Thermopylae. Today much has changed geographically and it is no longer the narrow pass it once was.

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Thermopylae is the location of the famous battle in the series of Part of the Greco-Persian Wars, where a heavily out numbered army of 300 Spartans and 700 locals under the command of the Spartan king Leonidas held out against the might of Xerxes' Persian army. Leonidas used the physical constraints of the narrow pass to cancel out much of the Persian army's superiority of numbers. The battle of Thermopylae succeeded in slowing down the advance of the Persian army, but ultimately resulted in the loss of the Greek forces that stood their ground. The Persians continued on to march to Athens.
Leonidas' monument in Thermopylae. This monument commemorates the 300 Spartan's lost fighting Xerxes' Persian army at 480 BC. Those are power cables in the background, not arrows!
World War II Battle of Crete memorial. Simonides of Ceos's epitaph.