I was keen to see the site of Akrotiri which has been closed since 2005 and so didn't initially intend to visit Santorini on this trip. Finding I had time on my hands in Crete I decided to seize the day and visit it anyway and see the spectacular scenery and visit the museums.

Read more on the (Wiki link) and for more great photos I would recommend a google image search on santorini.

Santorini (Thira)

Island Map
Santorini (the ancient island of Thira) was once the site of a thriving Minoan trading community. It all ended with the massive eruption of the island's volcano that blew the island apart and factored in the fall of the Minoan civilization. It has been claimed that the Minoans on Thira were what Plato called Atlantis (Plato coined the name after the Greek God Atlas). Plato recounted the stories told to an Athenian lawmaker Solon by Egyptian priests of the land called Keftiu (translated means people of Crete).

These days the excavations at Akrotiri show the remains of a Minoan settlement.
Various fast ferries that ply the Greek islands.
Santorini's volcanic harbour inlet. The white on the cliff tops are houses (not snow).
Cruise ships moored in the inlet, as seen from Firra. and later that same day. The blue Mediterranean dotted with Greek Islands.
The Prehistoric Museum in Firra
A model of the site of Akrotiri.
Wall painting of the Blue Monkeys Akrotiri from late 17 century BC. Statue of the Golden Goat. It was discovered at Akrotiri in 1999.
The town of Firra
An amazing custard square... Epic! This is a map of the town of Firra.
Archaeological Museum
The town of Oia
I feel I may be developing a stoop.
The steep twisty road down is a Taxi drivers race track. The port of Athinios and the harbour inlet.
Athinios and the various geological lays of Santorini. We say good by to the Volcanic island of Santorini (ancient Thira).