The legandary birthplace of Apollo, Delos, near Mykonos, is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece. Sections of the city were set aside for the nations trading with the Greek states. After the Persian wars the Delian league kept its common treasury on Delos until the Athenians relocated it to Athens for safe keeping. A number of purifications occurred cleaning the island of the dead, so that the island could remain a sanctuary for Apollo. Eventually births and deaths were outlawed on the island.

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Site Map
Delos can only be visited by boat during the day. It has no perminant residence and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The House of Dionysus features a floor mosaic of Dionysus riding a panther.
A typical road on Delos. In the amphitheatre.
Temple of Isis Egyptian precinct.
The Terrace of the Lions.
Me in front of the Terrace of Lions on Delos.
Delos Museum
Leaving Delos via Mykonos
The local Pelican visits a harbour cafe in Mykonos. The island of Delos from the air.