Dresden Map
Dresden has had a long history as the capital of the Free State of Saxony. The city is famous for its porcelain and boasts a museum of such peices. The city had its status as world heritage site formally removed in June 2009, due to the construction of a highway bridge near to the historic center.
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August the Strong Dresden on the river Elbe
Dresden Frauenkirche - Church of Our Lady Langer Gang used to hold jousting tournaments. On the other side of the building is the Fürstenzug
The Fürstenzug— procession of Princes, the Saxon sovereigns depicted in Meissen porcelain and again by night
Hofkirche - Cathedral
Palace with Hofkirche
The Semper Opera
Zwinger Palace with its porcelain bells
The Palace featuring the Hausmann Tower and bridge
Inside the palace with the covered ceiling
The Palace at night leading to the procession of Princes
The bridge from the defences paddle boat on the Elbe street leading to the defences

Our Hotel in the square