Paris Map
Paris is the capital of France and was the starting and ending point of our visit to France. Situated in the banks of the Siene river, Paris contains numerous iconic symbols synonymous with France like the Eiffel tower, Notra Dame, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre museum and Montmartre.
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Charles de Gaulle airport has a retired Concorde (F-BVFF) mounted for show.

Arc de Triomphe

Champs Elysees

Place de la Concorde

Grand Palais built for the 1900 World Fair.

Grand Palais
Paris by night - Eiffel tower, Sacre coeur, Moulin Rouge and Notra Dame

Tuileries Gardens

Gardens facing the Louvre

The Louvre

Place du Carrousel

Typical street

Seine booksellers

Don't lock your bike here!

Notre Dame Cathedral

St. James Tower

Parisian Pastaria

The Invalides

Napoleon's tomb

Bourbon Palace

The Opera Garnier.

Conquests Square

Seine cruise

That sinking feeling. Enough to leave you in Seine!

Lead with a white flag. So French!

Sacre Coeur Basilica

View of Paris from Sacre Coeur

Carousels are everywhere in France!

Montmartre on a Sunday :-(

Petanque in the Champ de Mars

View from my hotel room!

Pont Alexandre III

One animal I didn't eat in France!
The French rail system is impressive. The TVG is very fast and metro and RER are quite cheap and reliable.