Louvre Plan
Situated in Paris, the Louvre museum contains a vast collection of priceless art and artifacts aquired from all over the world. The Louvre museum itself is housed inside what used to be a palace and before that a 12th century fortress. My personal interests were less about art and more about the ancient civilizations, so the Near East, Egyptian, Greek and Roman-Etruscan collections were my main focus for my visit.
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Venus de Milo Mona Lisa Winged Victory
Egyptian section


Akhenaten and Nefertiti

Seated Scribe


Crazy cat person's collection

Book of the Dead

Near East section

Capitals found at Susa

Archers from the Palace of Darius the Great at Susa (Iran)

Sargon II (Assyrian)
Hammurabi's code of law (Babylonian 1772 BC)

from the temple of Ishtar in Mari (Ebih-il) - Sumerian

Left and above: Babylonian king possibly Hammurabi