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We stayed in Brive whilst in central/western France.
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Brive line their streets with specially trained trees.
A typical Pastaria in France. Authentic North Island Otago Rugby shirt. Brive is inland town in the Limousin region of central France, so why not have a light house?.
Around Brive


Carbon dating of materials discovered in the cave date the Lascaux paintings to c.15,000 BC. Discovered in 1940 they were open to the public in 1948. The combined effects of artificial lighting and 100,000 visitors per year soon caused great damage to the site. Finally, in 1963, the caves were closed to the public and restoration efforts began. In 1983, a carefully executed replica known as Lascaux II opened to the public. Lascaux II is located just 200m from the original caves in a cement bunker. It replicates the two main chambers of the Lascaux Caves.

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Photographs were not permitted so only two of the below pictures are my own, the others are either public domain or are copyright of their respective owners.