Cruising the Nile from Luxor to Aswan on board the MS Medea.

Lower deck: shops, dining and crew areas. 1st deck: Reception, bar and accommodation. 2nd deck: accommodation. 3rd deck: accommodation & gym. Top deck: Pool, bar and sun deck.

The rooms are air conditioned and spacious (bathrooms a tad cramped but well appointed)


The boats dock allowing passengers to board/disembark from their level 1 reception areas Boats commonly stack side by side allowing passengers pass through the neighbouring boats to board/disembark The lush green date palm lined Niles edge, with the dry desert just beyond
As we approach Esna lock, we are set upon by a hoard of galabeya touting merchants in boats (#) Being followed from a discrete distance This is the remains of a 2000 year old village... complete with TV tower
Water traffic Nile style each with their own comical horn The sun sets as another Nile boat inches past View from the dining room as another Nile tourist boat passes us
Sunset from the deck of the MS Medea Multi-story chandelier and spiral marble staircase. These boats all try to out do each other for opulence Looking down the spiral marble staircase
The Staircase again (#) The boat's pool (#) Our boat floats past a mosque (#)
View of the Niles edge from the dining room Another sunset from the deck of the MS Medea Steam or mist at dusk
A Fulucca sails past a village (#) A Nile tourist cruise boat looms up on our felucca Our two fuluccas sail off for Elephantine island only to be becalmed (#)
They are still following us (# - Image supplied by Don Anderson) Me on the Deck of the Nile Cruise Boat MS Medea