Built in the Ptolemaic times, the temple of Kom Ombo is actually a dual temple dedicated to the gods Horus the Falcon and Sobek the Crocodile. The temple has two entrances, two axis and two sanctuaries.

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The temple of Kom Ombo is situated just meters from the Nile The temple is dedicated to two deities and therefore has two entrances as seen here (#) At the back is recorded the first medical inscriptions detailing the surgical tools used
Here we see some fine examples of raised relief hieroglyphs where the background is chiselled away to leave the writing raised. And a closer look shows Thoth and Horus are giving life to the Pharaoh In contrast this is a standard inlaid hieroglyph where the writing is chiselled into the stone
Our tour director Abdu is to spanking another tour guide whilst some of us pretend not to notice :) Pictured here are Horus and Sobek, the two deities for which the dual temples are dedicated A stunning image of the over 2000 year old painted ceiling
The Temple lit up at night and again Market at Kom Ombo (#) - Image supplied by Don Anderson