Edfu temple built at the time of Ptolemy III. The reliefs depict the story of the cult of Horus whereby he tries to take revenge on his uncle Seth for the murder of his father Osiris, but can't because he is too good.

Each year a festival was held involving the statue of Hathor being transported from Dendera to Edfu to be with her husband Horus for two weeks (10 days).

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The Pylons at Edfu. The top windows are original, the others were added by the Coptics as they hid in the temple Above the gate at the pylons Statue of Horus
The Ceiling entering the first pylon The inner courtyard Entering the temple looking toward the sanctuary
The sanctuary containing the ceremonial boat of Horus (*) Horus receiving offerings This wall contains the story of the cult of Horus
A mammisi (birth house) on the left when entering Edfu features the god Bes above its column capitols. The same temple from another angle A solitary small sphinx


(* - Image borrowed with permission from Ed Parlock)