Read about Cairo the capital of Egypt on the (Wiki link).


On route to the Citadel we pass by the first university This is a replica of the Ramesses II statue that was moved to the new Cairo museum location in Giza. It stands on Salah Salem street in Heliopolis, Cairo
A minaret makes a welcome change to the industrial style apartment accommodation blocks Traffic in Cairo relies on the horn in lieu of road rules. Head lights are used for communicating rather than as lights and the biggest vehicle has right of way No road rules means no fault for accidents. You fix your own vehicle should an accident occur


The view from my balcony toward the Nile. Pollution is a real problem with a population of 16-20 million and many cars Looking in the other direction we see many building complexes dating from a very industrial era Night time from my second room's balcony
Many multi-story complexes had satellite receiver dishes littering their roofs, whilst others were left unfinished in case an extra floor was to be added
The Marriott Hotel used to be a palace. This is the view from the garden area #


After a 2am start this was the Plane that took us to Luxor # # Photo supplied by Don Anderson