The Great temple features four 20 meter high Colossi of Ramesses II and is dedicated to the deities Horus, Ptah and Amun. The temple sanctuary features of four seated figures: the Gods Horus (Ra-Horakhty), the deified Ramesses, Amun Ra and Ptah. The axis of the temple is positioned that on October 21 and February 21 (61 days before and 61 days after the Winter Solstice), the rays of the sun would illuminate the sculptures on the back wall of the sanctuary, except for the statue of Ptah, the god connected with the Underworld, who always remained in the dark. These dates are allegedly the king's birthday and coronation day respectively.

The Small Temple is dedicated to the goddess Hathor, for his queen Nefertari and features six Colossi (four of which are of Ramesses II). It is unusual that a statue of a queen be the same size as that of her Pharaoh.

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The Great Temple before sunrise The Great Temple as the sun is rising The Great Temple after sunrise
Peace treaty with the Hittites from the Battle of Kadesh Peace treaty with the Hittites from the Battle of Kadesh Entering the Great Temple (*)
Entering the Great Temple (*) The Great Temple from further away The Small Temple


(* - Image borrowed with permission from Ed Parlock)