I had a day in LA to kill for my return flight home. During this time I visited the California Scence Center and Natural History Museum and on my return to the hotel, was entertained by a Squirrel.

California Science Center

Above is the last remaining prototype of the F-20 Tigershark.
Scale models of some of the craft involved in NASA's unmanned space missions.

Scale model of Hubble telescope

Scale model of Spitzer telescope

Scale model of Chandra telescope

Scale model of Pioneer 10 interstella probe

Scale model of Mariner 4 Mars flyby

Scale model of the 1963 Aerobee

Scale model of Viking 1 or 2 Mars lander
Below are representations from most of NASA's manned missions. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and the Space Shuttle.
Mercury redstone 2 - MR2 was technically 'Chimped' as MR3 was the first manned Mercury mission, MR2 had a chimp called Ham
Gemini 11 - Conrad and Gordon's 1966 mission
Apollo 18 module from the historic 1975 Apollo Soyus ASTP mission
Space Shuttle Endeavour - First flown in 1992 and veteran of 25 space missions, Endeavour is one of the three remaining Space Shuttles (others being Atlantis - Kennedy Space Center and Discovery - Smithsonian Air and Space Museum)
Below are mission profiles of the 135 Space Shuttle missions.

California Natural History Museum

The California Natural History Museum has a collection of Dinosaur skeletons including numerous T-Rex and Tryceratops.

The LA Squirrel Incident

Whilst in LA I was tormented and harrassed by this small, furry local who insisted on evicting me from the table and searching my bag. He then climbed back in his tree. I only just escaped alive with my snickers bars intact!

Wheres my drink? Who took my drink? I want my drink!

I'm so thirsty I could leap on you and bite through your jugular


Still hunting...

Shimmy wiggle, giggle fluff

slurp slurp gulp burp!

Pull the table closer

There, thats better

Shake the table

Whats in here...

The seat was still warm from my backside!

I know kung fu!