Back in Gatemala the ruins of Quirgua have strong historic links to Copan and the design of the site is heavily influenced it. Quirigua features the largest stellas and zoomorph, some recording historic, astronomical or political events. Stellas A and C form a pair and together with Stella D they align for the Summer and Winter Solstace and Equinox. A former vassel state of Copan, Quirigua's 14th ruler 'Cauac Sky' beheaded Copan's 13th ruler '18 Rabbit' gaining the city's independance. Cauac Sky ruled Quirigua for over 60 years.
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In the site museum

Alter Q

Alter L

Stella A

Zoomorph B

Stella C

Stella D

Stella E
At 10.6m in height, including 3m the buried portion, Stella E is the largest stone quarried by the ancient Maya and weighs approximately 65 tons.

Unusual diagonal writing

Astronomical Stella L refers to the planet Mars

Stella K

Alter N

The acropolis

Zoomorph O

Zoomorph P