TIKAL (Guatemala)

Tikal was one of the great Mayan cities, located in what is now the rain forest jungles of Guatemala. The site is also home to many animal species and as a result, the ancient ruins are now in the centre of a national park.
Read more on the (Wiki link) and view the site map here and a second map here.

Had lunch here

On the road through the national park

Big bug!

Sarah and I headed to Temple 6

and thats Temple 6

Spider monkeys

Really noise Parrot

Palace of the Acanaladuras (Fluting.. yeah clearly named after that noisy parrot)

Entering the Grand Plaza

The North Acropolis

Temple 1

Temple 2

Temple 2 again

Temple 1 from the North Acropolis

Temple 1 from Temple 2

North Acropolis from Temple 2 (Like an introduction)

Giant toad was outside my room... I also had bats!
The Howler Monkeys had been vocal since we entered the jungle at 4am.
The below photos are looking from Temple 4 towards Temples 1 and 3.

Just before sunrise

Same view a bit later..


The mist rolling in after sunrise

Mayan food storage

Sloping Panel Temple in the Lost world Complex

That noisy parrot again

The Grand Pyramid in the Lost world complex

A Woodpecker with a machine gun

Plaza of the seven temples (featuring many ball courts at one end)

I see a Spooky face boogyman .. technical term

Temple 5

Howler Monkey

Malers palace

Tucans in flight

Grand Plaza again

The ball court beside Temple 1
Grey Fox