The Ancient Mayan site of Uxmal (pronounced Oosh-Mahl) is considered to be the best example of the Puuc style of Classic Mayan architecture. Most of the city's major construction took place while Uxmal was the capital of a Late Classic Maya state around 850-925 AD. After about 1000 AD, Toltec invaders took over, and most building ceased by 1100 AD. Sometime after about 1200, no new major construction appears to have been made at Uxmal, possibly related to the fall of Uxmal's ally Chichen Itza and the shift of power in Yucatan to Mayapan.
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Tweety Bird

The Nunnery

The Ball Court

The Great Pyramid

The Pigeon House

House of the Old Lady (also called Witch)

The Governors Palace

The Double headed Jaguar throne

House of the Turtles
Numerous iguanas kept watch on the tourists