Palenque is one of the most famous cities of the Mayan world. The most famous ruler, Pakal the great's tomb was discovered in 1952 by Alberto Ruz. This was such an important find that he was later honoured by being burried on site. Other notable rulers include the Red-Queen (we don't exactly know who she was but is buried in temple 13) and Pakal's son Chuckmal, who built the Complex of the cross group, that feature various reliefs of himself.
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Tomb of Alberto Ruz.

Temple of the skull

Temple 13 featuring the tomb of the Red Queen

Temple of inscriptions featuring Pakal's tomb

The Palace complex

Looking at the Temple of the Cross from the Palace

Temple of the Foliated Cross

Temple of the Sun

Temple of the Cross
Me on the Temple of the Cross looking down on the Palace at Palenque

Temple of the Sun

The ball court

The North group

Temple of the Count
The Palenque Jungle walk.

Clambering over unexcavated ruins

A tomb


Overgrown ruins are everywhere

They discovered this temple in 1999. It will be excavated in 2016.

Evidence of a door

This bath was discovered in 2010

Another tomb
From around the town of Palenque.