Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. At an altitude of around 2,200 meters the greater city has a population of over 21 million. The city was originally built on an island of Lake Texcoco by the Aztecs in 1325 as Tenochtitlan, which was almost completely destroyed in the 1521 siege of Tenochtitlan, and subsequently redesigned and rebuilt in accordance with the Spanish urban standards.
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Scenes from around Reforma Avenue

Significant police presence

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The new Basilica

and the old Basilica

Palace of Fine Arts

Celebrating the founding of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City)

Where the statue of Aztec goddess Coatlicue was discovered

The Zocalo or main plaza with its Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

We didn't get to visit the Templo Mayor but we did stand in front of it
Outside the National Palace The palace courtyard

This mural represents the history of Mexico

The Aztecs trading with the people of El Tajin

Our fearless leader launches into his two hour monolog

A rare photo of him breathing during his monolog

Lukes taste for the cable almost went unnoticed

Many types of cactus

Images from on the road around Mexico


reminds me of certain video games

safety not a concern here